Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Road Less Traveled

When a gush of wind pushed me
To this road less traveled,
I thought I would stumbled,
I thought I would fumble in the dark,
I thought surely I’ll fall!

Little had I noticed,
The bruises on my body,
Had made it tougher,
To stand the wicked weather...

Little did I realize,
Every fall in the ditch,
Strengthens my spirit...

Little did I know,
Every time I thought I lost my soul,
I found faith bringing it back to me...

The feeling was different...
Because I have always wanted...
To see the light
At the end of the tunnel,
Because I have always imagined...
The beautiful landscape
At the bottom of the hill.

The feeling changed
From scared to blessed...
In the darkness,
I can see the guiding light...
In the loneliness,
I hear the voices of my heart...

Every time I lost my balance and fell,
HE made me persevere with determination,
To get up and never give up I must tell...

The road less traveled,
Surely the road not preferred!

Regret it not,
For it was not a choice,
Blessed indeed I profoundly felt,
Because the gush of wind...
Made me take the road less traveled!

~ RadenGaloh.